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LGBTQ Mental Health during Lockdown

By Suzanne Matthews | May 22, 2020

I have spoken with members of the LGBTQ community and read many posts on social media. There is a problem. I am bringing this to light in the hope our community, as well as friends, family and allies of our community, may offer support. A phone call, a video chat or a text message, may …

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The best opportunity yet?

By Suzanne Matthews | May 1, 2020

I will keep this blog short and let the all-in package speak for itself. I am biased, but I do think this is an incredible way for anyone to start a new online business. This is a brand new program that wasn’t available to me when I started. If it was, I would not have …

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So you want to date a trans girl?

By Suzanne Matthews | April 22, 2020

I will warn you before you get too far, this post contains sexual references. I’d be surprised if you are the type of person that does get easily offended. If you’ve made it this far through my site, you must be open-minded, so sit back, relax and enjoy. There are a few things you should …

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6 reasons how my online business improved my health

By Suzanne Matthews | April 18, 2020

1 – Exercise As soon as I heard the words “Online business”, it would conjure up images of someone sitting in a back bedroom, gaze fixed firmly on the pc. Or maybe even Lounging on the sofa with the laptop and some snacks on hand. Either way, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are not usually …

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Hello and a very warm welcome to my site. I am grateful to have you here. If you keep an open mind, this could be the beginning of something very special for you. I know it was for me. If you want to jump into some free workshop videos, then go ahead and click the button above. I would urge you to have a look around my site first, where you can see who I am on the about me page.
My posts page has some blogs on how I turned my life around, and advice on how you can start to build a better lifestyle for yourself.

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