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6 reasons how my online business improved my health

1 – Exercise

As soon as I heard the words “Online business”, it would conjure up images of someone sitting in a back bedroom, gaze fixed firmly on the pc. Or maybe even Lounging on the sofa with the laptop and some snacks on hand. Either way, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are not usually what people associate with working from home. This could not be further from the truth. I have found so much more time for exercise than I had previously, working in a company, for someone else. 

I can set a timer for an hour, so I am not staring at the laptop screen for too long. I can go outside for fresh air, even some yoga stretches. 

I have time to go walking or go for a run or even to my local pool for a swim. The best bit is, I can go when I want. I can turn up at the pool when I know it’s going to be quiet, rather than having to go after work when everyone else is there.

Woman swimming in a pool
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2 – Diet

When working the busy periods in the “Traditional” 9-5 job, for me, would mean working late into the evening. I found I had little time to cook properly during this time. The quieter summer months were fine, but of course, I didn’t want a big meal in the summer. 

When I needed to go shopping on the way home, that meant I was very late back. I would often have a snack as it was too late to cook. Eating a meal late in the evening or snacking just before bed, is not ideal.

Working from home has meant I have more time to sit and plan. I flick through my recipe books or find something new online. I go to the supermarket when it’s quieter and cook and eat at a time that suits me.

prawns and other healthy food
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3 – Education

This is important to me and should be to you also. Keeping our minds active, as we get older is essential to maintaining good mental health. I have read some educating books, since working from home. I simply did not have the time when I worked for other people. I enjoy learning new skills. Learning when we are older is always fun, as it is something we want to do. I have taken a few online courses to help improve my skills to grow my online business. I am currently learning how to type properly!

graduation, throwing hats in the air
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4 – Relaxation

As well as maintaining physical and mental health, it is very important to pay attention to the “Self”. In the 9-5 scenario, it is difficult to find a regular slot in our busy calendars. When I was working long hours, I didn’t have the time to relax. Not a good life balance; all work and no play. This led to resenting my work, as it kept me away from the things I enjoyed. I make sure I give myself some time to sit and relax with a book. Even if only for half an hour.

girl on a river bank reading a book
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5 – Meditation

Other than my need to help other people, this is the single most important part of my life. The one area that saved me from total self-destruction. Without meditation and the support of amazing friends and my incredible mummy, I would certainly not be here now. The ability to remove me from all the negativity, to be in touch with the “Self”, is detrimental to my existence. I find I have time to meditate daily, now that I am working fewer hours.

Girl by a lake meditating
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6 – Social Connection

Very important to my overall healthy life balance. Having more time to connect with friends and family is just amazing. Even a conversation on a messaging app can be all that’s needed to make someone’s day. Letting people know that I am thinking of them. Letting them know that there is a friend here that cares. 

Human beings are social animals and we need to have interaction with others. Unfortunately, people are always working just to pay the rent. Busy lives, long hours, not getting home until late, means it’s so difficult to find the time for social interaction. Before we know it, the days, weeks, months and years pass us by, and we miss so much valuable time with those we love. I vowed to not let that happen any more, by taking control of my life.

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