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Feeling Loved by a Special Community.


This was a post I made inside a closed group online. This community was responsible for turning my life around. I am posting this blog on my site so you can see exactly the type of community that grows, when a like-minded group of caring, sharing, loving people get together. It was directed at everyone in that community that helped me set up my current business, and gave me the motivation and support to change my life forever.

A post from the heart

WOW! After I finished up here tonight, I read a message from Todd, my system consultant, then I sat and smiled. I let the thoughts come to me, and as they did, I felt my eyes well, then a tear ran down my cheek. As I type this, there are a few more tears. I want to capture this moment and these feelings, in writing, for you all.

This is not sadness. Far from it. What I am feeling is warmth inside me, a total sense of belonging. These thoughts I have now drifting around in my head are all recollections of posts, blogs, comments and questions from this Mentors community from today. I am completely blown away. I don’t know how else to say it. I am touched by the incredible energy that lies within this community. Just scrolling through the posts of the day, I can feel the love in peoples hearts. I feel the warmth coming from every comment. I visualise a smile, caring eyes and an upturned open hand, slowly coming out of the screen. A soothing voice “Take my hand, let’s do this together.”

Yes, we are all here to learn, all here to build a successful business, but that’s not it. That is not what this community is about. I see so much more than that here. There Isn’t a single person in the Mentors community that doesn’t want to help someone else. It is beautiful to be a part of this.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, a non-member of the community, casually scrolling through the posts, pausing every so often to read snippets from blogs, or read peoples wins from their day. Taking in some of the many delightful comments of support, encouragement and praise, as they scroll down. Just as that person would in any other social media site they belong to. They could not do it here without being moved by what they read. Not a fragment of negativity anywhere to be seen. Love, spirituality, compassion, and support for each other. That is what they witness.

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There are new community members, who have not earned a single penny, as they are still learning. Yet these new members are experiencing improvement, everywhere in their lives. How is that even possible?
Because during the past two weeks, they have learnt more about themselves than they have in the previous years of their life.
Why is there so much support for each other?
Because the community genuinely cares about this planet and everybody on it.

Think what every workplace would be like if, walking into work was like walking into this community. Stuart and his team would have a job on their hands, as no-one would want to leave their existing jobs!
That is what they have built right here.

I am grateful beyond words. Grateful to myself for pursuing this journey; grateful to Stuart and the incredible team around him; grateful to every one of you in Mentors for making this community the very special place that it is.
What started as a few words, has turned into a blog, and this girl needs her beauty sleep, so I’ll leave you with this.
At the beginning of my blog, I said that all the thoughts in my head were from today’s posts, and that got me to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard. Here’s the thing. This community is like this every day of the week, and that makes it truly magical.

There is a saying, “Home is where the heart is”. I’ve found my home.

Thank you all xxx.

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