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So you want to date a trans girl?

I will warn you before you get too far, this post contains sexual references. I’d be surprised if you are the type of person that does get easily offended. If you’ve made it this far through my site, you must be open-minded, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

There are a few things you should know about us beautiful women. We are not complicated, well no more than any cisgender woman (a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex). Trans women, like all women, like to be treated like a lady. We deserve to be treated with respect. If you are a cisgender guy or girl who wants to date a Trans woman. Or maybe someone who just wants to educate yourself. I will say, when it gets as far as the bedroom, yes things can get complicated. Sex is complex with trans women, so I will enlighten you, later in this post. I promise, whoever you are, you will learn something.

We are not your fetish. I don’t care what you may have seen on your favourite porn site, or the image you may have conjured up in your mind. That is not real. If you want a date because you are just curious as to what lies beneath our clothes, or how it works in the bedroom. Forget it. Using people in that way is very demeaning and hurtful for anybody.

Over dinner on the first date is not the time or place to be asking what we have between our legs. Try something along the lines of “So what do you like to do in your free time?”
“What’s your ideal holiday destination”.
Sound familiar?
It should, as it will be the same conversation you have with any girl, on a first date.

Guy and girl on a date night in restaurant
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You may not, initially, be aware that you are dating a trans girl. Especially if she has transitioned at an early age. So what. If you are attracted to someone as a person, then that is all that matters. Oh, you’re worried what your mates will say when they find out. How about you put the happiness of the girl you are fond of, and your own happiness first?

Every one of us girls has fought to come to terms with who we are. For some, it’s been a struggle over many years. We are proud of who we are and we are not going back into hiding. Get used to showing off your gorgeous new girlfriend, as we are not going back in a box.

If you see me in a bar, please come over and say hi. I don’t bite unless you want me to. Be respectful, treat me like a lady, make me laugh, and you never know, you may make a new friend. At the very least you will enjoy yourself, as us trans girls are good fun and like to let our hair down. 

Between the sheets

girl sexy black lingerie, man's hands around her waist
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Here we are. You are lucky enough and respectful enough to have got to this point. You must understand that trans women are more in touch with their own bodies than any cisgender woman I have ever known. The vast majority of cis women know exactly what they like, as well as what they don’t enjoy. Transgender women are the same in that respect. Here is where it starts to get complicated. All trans women are different. Yes I know, all women are different, in fact, no two people on the planet are alike, even identical twins have subtle differences. My point being, the range of sexual diversity is immense. 

Some will have a penis, some will have had gender reassignment surgery (GRS). Neither of which makes us any more or less of a woman. The majority of us will be on hormone medication of one type or another and likely, testosterone blockers too. 

What does this all mean to you?

Don’t panic, I’m not going to ask you to enrol for a university degree in medical science. You do need to remain open-minded though. Throughout your life, starting from a young age, you have been subjected to a notion of what a male and a female “Should,” look like. Physical appearance has less to do with gender than what that person actually “Feels.’ How they think, who they relate to, their mannerisms. The list goes on. This post isn’t an education on gender. 

The point I am making is when I am lying naked in front of you, gaze upon me as a beautiful woman. Not some fetish porn notion that you may have stuck in your head. Like me as a person and at that moment forget everything you know about gender. You will now see why this is important.

guy and girl cuddling sexually
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Less testosterone (male hormone), more oestrogen (female hormone), means our skin becomes softer, more transparent. This means, a lot more sensitive to the touch. Yes, this applies to the genital areas too regardless of any surgery that we may or may not have had. For girls who have a penis, the tip is very sensitive. A lot of trans girls like having this area gently caressed. Also midway along the shaft can be gently rubbed. Some girls like that. Do not go for a wild pumping action that you may well be used to on yourself as a man. This is not a male penis. This does nothing for us girls. Do not be alarmed when we don’t get erect. This does not mean we are not enjoying it. It’s another result of how our bodies differ as trans girls. Some girls don’t like to have their penis called by any of the male terms, and some don’t like it touched at all. Welcome to the world of gender dysphoria. The area between the base of the penis and the anus can also be a very sensitive area for some girls. Some of us enjoy penetrative sex and others do not. We all enjoy lots of kisses and cuddles.

You are probably now thinking omg what a minefield! It doesn’t have to be. In fact, you will find sex with us girls incredibly rewarding. Just ask us what we like. We will likely tell you anyway, and guide you to what feels good for us. 

Yes, we are different, especially in the bedroom. Unlike any other experiences you may have met, but that’s what makes us so attractive.

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