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Spirituality in the LGBTQ Community?

As far as my experience goes, this is a subject rarely discussed anywhere within the LGBTQ community. Yet this community of people are well placed to open themselves up to spirituality, learn how the universe works, and enjoy a fulfilling life. Keep an open mind, read to the end, and you will learn something here. It is then up to you whether or not you choose to put into practice what you learn today. 

I am touching briefly on religion for a moment, which is rare in the LGBTQ community, for several reasons. All religions, be they polytheistic (the worship or belief of multiple deities or gods), such as ancient Greece or Rome. Or monotheistic (the belief in one god), such as Christianity; all denounce the physical body. It is looked upon as being sinful as is the act of sex. As for same-sex relationships. “You shall be stoned and burnt at the stake!”

Spirituality teaches us the opposite. That is to embrace the inner body, for that is what holds our life energy. It teaches us to let go, and feel from within and not to cloud those deep feelings with thought. 

Where do us trans girls and guys fit into this?
Spirituality teaches, for us to change anything, we must first have a “Knowing“.
This applies to everyone and everything. We first have to recognise negativity and accept it exists in our lives before we can do anything about it. Using me as an example, I had to know that “Something wasn’t right” before I could remove the negativity, for me to move forward and live a fulfilling life. This is not a thought in the mind. “I think I might be a woman” or, “I think I fancy a change, I’d like to live as a woman now”. This is a “Knowing” that comes from a feeling within. I feel it, and I know I am a woman. It does not come from the mind. If you are trans, whether you realise it or not, this will have had to happen to you. You know in your heart that your transition was not controlled by the thought process. It can never be.

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This may be a lot to take in up until now but, please stay with me.

Another reason we, the LGBTQ community, are well placed to accept spirituality into our lives, is because of who we are. We are more open-minded than a lot of people. I know open-minded sounds contradictory to what I have just said about feeling, not thinking. Perhaps I should say receptive to others ideology. First, we have to convince our cunning minds to accept something new and alien. Our minds will always try to trick us. That little voice in your head that says, “You can’t do that”, “You’re worthless”. 

As soon as you realise, that is all it is, just a little voice feeding you negativity, and you recognise that it’s there, you can re-direct those thoughts. As you breathe, become aware of your breath entering and leaving your body. Don’t think about it, just feel it. Concentrating on your breath will clear your mind of the negativity. 

We as a community have also had to put up with a lot and still do. I certainly don’t need to tell you of the problems we all face from society, work colleagues, even “supposed” friends and family. That’s not what this post is about. My point being, to deal with the abuse and anguish, we either hide away, not the LGBTQ way, we prefer to party! Or we have to go beyond the mind, let it wash over us and find a calm place within. That peaceful place can never be found in the mind, only in the inner body. Once again, many of you will have done this unknowingly.  

I hope by now, you understand that spirituality has already had a good bearing in your life. How much better do you think your lifestyle will be if you could only learn to use that inner energy?
You can. It isn’t magic, it is a skill that you can learn. The majority of people are so wrapped up in their mind, they don’t know of a better existence. None of this is taught in schools, and it should be. It is far more valuable than a lesson on quadratic equations. When was the last time you used that?

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Some people glimpse the inner energy in their lifetime. It may be in a life or death situation or a major crisis. What happens is, the mind doesn’t have time to think. It can’t come up with excuses or consequences of your actions. This is what is known as living “Now”. Your mind isn’t clouded with what you are having for lunch tomorrow, or the appointment you have on Tuesday. You act at that moment and deal with the situation.
People who have near-death experiences report a bright light. Afterwards, these people often turn to religion or spirituality. That bright light is life energy, the inner self.
I won’t leave it on a sombre note.
Another time where you may experience the powerful energy is during sex. That moment of orgasm where you feel your whole body tingling from within. That tingling sensation is the energy moving through your body. Immediately afterwards, if only for a matter of seconds, you will be at complete peace. Your mind will empty for a moment, then thoughts will come back but only fleetingly, as you let them pass through.
This is where we aim to be, through meditation. Where we no longer allow our self to be controlled by thoughts. We allow them to come and then dismiss them.

If you are interested in learning more, I do hope so, meditation is a very good place to start.
The best bit?
It’s free. It takes practice, and there are different forms, so it may take a little time to find what works for you. You can start with as little as ten minutes a day. YouTube is a good source of beginner, guided meditation. There are many free apps available too. Let’s Meditate, and Calm are ones I have used. Calm, although free, also has some excellent paid features. A favourite book of mine, available on Amazon, in Kindle format and audio too, is “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle. This book, in particular, is inspirational and a great insight into the spiritual world.


Suzanne 🙏🏼

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