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Why I started an Online Business, and why You should too.

Firstly I want to give you my recent background before I get into why. Some of the reasons why are a consequence of recent events, as you will see.

 For the second time in my life, I find myself redundant from work. This time technically it isn’t redundancy, as I have my own Ltd company, and I contract myself out to various businesses. Having been contracting at the most recent company for a little over three years, I had made myself comfortable there. The Coronavirus has put a stop to that. There is no work now we are all in lockdown. This could be the kick up the backside I need, to do something to get my life back on track. 

Stuck in a rut.

Although I was comfortable, I was not happy. In truth, I’ve not been happy for a while. I have worked in the same industry for thirty-two years. I’m tired of it, unfulfilled, and recently, did not want to be there at all. I have had a longing to help other people for quite some time but did not know exactly how. I do not want to get to the end of my life, having done nothing worthwhile for this planet and the people on it.

This, coupled with being at an all-time low with my mental health, meant I had to regain my direction. I am a strong woman, but everything hit me all at once and I couldn’t cope. Depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria are tough to cope with. Weaning off my anti-depressants to start a different tablet because the current medication no longer helps, adds to the pain. Oh, and did I mention the divorce that I am currently going through? 

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So far I have three pretty good reasons for wanting a new career.

  • Being unhappy and unfulfilled in my current job. 
  • No longer actually having that job.
  • My need to help others.

Why online?

Why does this woman, who is currently struggling to cope with her life, want to add to the stress, by starting her own business?

Is this woman crazy? 

You may well ask.

Let’s do this!

For a few years, I have been casually browsing the internet job sites for new ideas. Hoping that something would catch my attention. I concluded that whatever I chose would mean I would have to re-train. Not a problem, I enjoy learning new skills. 

I was still working up until a few weeks ago when I started seriously looking. I wanted something I could learn and start-up in my spare time.

Oh and one more thing. I have been looking at building a camper van from scratch, as I want to go travelling. It was this that really tipped the scales toward an online career path.

When they ended my contract, and the world went into lockdown, I made a decision that I would start living my life how I want to. I was finding it difficult to focus on my meditation, although still enjoying yoga. Since starting my new adventure, I have been able to focus on the meditation again. Learning new skills for my business has re-ignited my passion. I have a clear vision where I am now, and where I am going. I have a new purpose.

They are my personal reasons for starting an online business. There are other reasons too, which I will share with you now because they are why I think you should start a business in the digital world today.

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The decline of physical businesses

Over the last four years, the decline of physical, high street shops and businesses has increased more than in previous years, as they move their business online. It takes fewer people to run it online and has fewer overheads than the traditional brick and mortar business. According to a recent analysis by the Centre for Retail Research, over 17,000 UK shops will shut down during 2020. That is just retail shops.

A lot of businesses have already got their employees working from home, due to COVID-19. Will those employees want to go back into their workplace after enjoying the comforts of working from home?

Will those companies be able to keep all their staff on, when they re-open?

Whatever happens, there will be a lot of people in need of help. A lot of people who will be looking for the time freedom they have been used to, since the pandemic outbreak. 

Now, more than ever is a great time to start a business online, to help others. 

Since starting my online digital business, and joining a community of caring, supportive people, my life has changed completely. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping people to improve their lifestyles.

I say that in all sincerity.

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